dare alla luce: Italian verb:(transitive) To give birth to.

In Italian, the literal translation of “to give birth”— “Dare alla Luce”— is: “to give to the light”. An exquisite phrase to describe the beauty and wonder of childbirth.

Documenting the birth of a child is such a privilege and we are honored to offer this service to interested families. My approach to birth photography is very tasteful, unobtrusive & photojournalistic. A child’s birth is such a magical and emotional experience and I'm very passionate about capturing that momentous occasion so that you can relive the joy over and over again through the photographs.

What is birth photography?

Most people are immediately taken aback at the mention of birth photography, but it is not what you think or see on TV. We are not medical photographers. We are not there to invade your privacy or to make you feel uncomfortable, but rather to document all of the moments and interactions that make up the incredible experience of giving birth. Please know that you will have total control over the pictures that are taken and we honor any and all photo requests that are made.

 Having been through labor, I understand that the mother’s primary focus is not always on all of the different aspects that are coming together to form her birth experience – more often than not, her mind is focused on one thing only: get this baby out! Having a birth photographer there to document everything allows the mother to relive the experience through the photographs and often times have a totally different perspective on what happened that day.


“Just Born” sessions

After much anticipation I'm now offering “Just Born” photo sessions for new families who want the first precious hours of their baby’s life captured without having the entire labor and delivery documented. Even though I'm passionate about birth photography and highly recommend it to my mamas, we understand that it isn’t for everyone. Whatever your reason for opting out of birth photography – finances, medical concerns, or you’re just uncomfortable having your labor & delivery photographed – we still want to offer you the chance to get high quality images during this special time of bonding with your baby.

Our “Just Born” lifestyle sessions are held within the first 24 hours of your child’s birth – during daylight hours – at the hospital, birth center, or at home. They are similar in style to our birth photography – unposed and natural. My goal is to capture you and your baby totally soaking in the first precious moments (meeting siblings or other family members, first bath, breastfeeding etc.) while emotions are still high and everything is brand new.

So why not just get a newborn session or have the hospital take pictures?

-The hospital photographers will only spend a few minutes taking a handful very posed (stiff) pictures of your baby – they will not include you or any other family members and will likely not capture the emotion of the event.

-While I may do some “newborn-like” shots, this session is not meant to take the place of a newborn session. There will be no props, lighting, or extensive baby posing. Our “Just Born” session is unique in that we will be able to document all of the emotions and interactions with your FRESH baby in a much more laid-back, casual way.


Please inquire through site for pricing information.

[ includes coverage of the birth, photographer on-call 24hrs a day surrounding the child’s due date,

minimum of 75 high-resolution (often 125-200) digital files on CD and rights to print the photographs for personal use,

as well as a personalized web slide show to share with family & friends ]

Within 24-48 hours of your birth, we will post a sneak peak of 10-20 images on the blog that you can also use in a birth announcement, text/email to family & friends or upload to facebook if you like. Your personalized slideshow & birth re-cap will be up for you to view within 2 weeks of your birth, and finally your printable CD of all of the edited files will be mailed to you within 4 weeks of your birth.

When you contact us, we will set up an initial consultation to discuss what you should expect, what you would like to have photographed, and any other questions you might have. A signed contract & $200 non refundable deposit is required to secure your due date. The deposit in non-refundable unless Nicole cannot make it to your birth. The remainder of the fee is due 2 weeks before your due date.


I love documenting births! There is nothing more special and exquisite. To see a little one take their first breaths or to see a mother's face after waiting  almost a year to learn what she was carrying. There is nothing better!

I travel between Thousand Oaks & Santa Barbara for births and can document anywere you wish to deliver.