Being a parent is hard especially when you can't always run out and get what you need for your little (or yourself) for one reason or another. We decided to create The Cotton Pantry to help with that. The Cotton Pantry is a small collection of diapers (cloth & disposable), diaper essentials and Mommy Cloth for families for when you need a little extra help. Take what you need and donate when you can. The Inventory will be updated every few days and we will be accepting donations whenever anyone has time to bring them. Donate and get $5 off your next diaper purchase.

The pantry is stocked with donations of: disposables, wipes, cloth diaper covers,pockets,liners,inserts,balm,detergent, mommy cloth and more!


wetbags, (new) mom cloth, un-needed disposable diapers and pull-ups in all sizes, wipes (disposable and cloth), diaper safe balms, diaper detergent, diaper clips, covers, all cloth diaper covers and systems, prefolds.

MAKE A DONATION & receive an in-store cash credit toward your next purchase.

We hope to later also add essential oils, and other goods. #cottonpantry #lbcottonpantry


Take only what you need

Donate what and when you can

Tell others

That these items never be resold and only shared or donated when no longer of use to your family.

The Pantry will be located at the front of Luxe Baby and is anonymous.

PLEASE feel free to contact with any questions text or email only please 805-236-0970 or