Nicole came into our home to capture my birth. As a family we weren't sure how comfortable it would be to have someone taking pictures of such an intimate time but Nicole put all of our minds at ease.  She disappeared into the scene and if it weren't for the amazing photos she captured I wouldn't even believe she was there.

At 1 week old I took our little one to Nicole's studio for newborn photos. I loved watching Nicole work.  She touched our baby with such gentleness and respect. We took breaks to nurse as needed and she didn't freak out when our little one peed all over the place.

Nicole is incredibly professional and does beautiful work. I will absolutely use her again!

Katie W.

There are not enough kind words to say about this cute little shop. The owner is wonderful & her helper is a doll. So friendly & helpful. Everything you could need for baby plus all the stuff you never knew you couldnt live without. My daughter loves the little play area & never wants to leave. Plus Nicoles pictures are positively beautiful & she can take them in house or meet up with you somewhere to insure your memories are exactly how you want to remember.

Aimee R.

What a fantastic experience. This is our first baby, so we had no clue what to expect with a newborn photo shoot. Nicole went above and beyond our expectations. She calmed our nerves instantly by providing a relaxing and patient environment. She went on baby time and made the session work according to his needs (I nursed him and changed diapers while there). Aside from the great experience at the shoot, the pictures are beautiful! She captured our son perfectly. We already booked the first year package with her, we loved our pictures so much! Thank you, Nicole!

Gretta F.
October 26, 2016 ·

Went to The Luxe Baby today for the first time and love it! I will definitely be going back. The employees were so helpful and they have great products!

Annie H.
2/15/2017 Yelp!

Absolutely AMAZING! Nicole Lagesse really knows what she's doing. I had so much fun watching the whole photoshoot. She's very professional and I truly have never seen a better photographer than her. I would recommend her over and over again! The store has amazing items and a fun play area for the older kids to play with. I absolutely loved going there.

Ashely G.
2/13/2017  Yelp!

Love the store! But Nicole does amazing pictures! She has done my wedding,maternity, delivery and newborn photos! Wouldn't go anywhere else! For the newborn photos she takes her time and doesn't make you feel rushed even if your baby is super fussy!

Nicole C.
May 29, 2015 ·

Superb customer service! Walked out of the shop ready and willing to embrace cloth diapering. Supplied me with our first covers and a simple tutorial. I'm a happy momma with an even happier baby girl.

Shelly J.
5/7/2016 Yelp!

I've been a customer at Luxe baby for a few years now and I always find cute baby shower gifts and unique items for my own son. Every time I visit the store the staff is really helpful and knowledgeable, which is great, but today I had an experience that was just above and beyond.

I had some questions about a line of essential oils they carry and the owner came out from behind the counter to help me. I purchased the oil, and a shower gift, which she gift wrapped and gave me a card for, but here's the crazy part. When I reached for the bag I noticed that I had forgotten to shave my armpits and said so aloud. The owner was so cool, she mentioned that she keeps extra razors in the back for photo shoots, went to the back of the shop, and returned with a razor so I could shave my armpits on the way to the party! Seriously, how cool is that?!

So bottom line, I was already a fan of this local shop but after today I feel they deserve a shout-out.

Carinne H.

March 4, 2016 at 4:25 pm

I have a sick baby and they even brought the product to my car. Amazing customer service!

Square Review

October 19, 2016 at 5:03 pm

As a new mother I really appreciated Nicole taking the time to explain the "why" and "how" on different things.

Square Review
2/24/2015 Yelp!

I personally love the luxe baby!!! Nicole and Devin are amazing in asking us what we need and answering or explaining any questions we may have!!! I love all the items they have from cloth diapering to green toys to clothing and so on so forth!!! Perfect baby store I highly recommend them!!!

Kaisa M.

2/3/17, 8:46 pm

Sales associate was super helpful and knowledgeable! Thank you!

Square Review
2/26/2015  Yelp!

This is by far, the best store for all things baby! They have an excellent stock of cloth diapers and other adorable things for babies and mamas. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and kind. The owner, Nicole is amazing and always eager to help, and I adore Devin! Devin is the best! They are seriously awesome, friendly, and welcoming. I am a huge LB fan! I will continue to shop here, and would recommend this store to anyone and everyone with babies, kids, or those who are expecting! Love! instagram.com/theluxebaby

Lauren C.

Love this store! I called to see if they had something in stock and the owner said they had a slip saying that a shipment was in but she had to go pick it up... A little while later she sent me a text message saying what i was looking for had arrived! It was so nice if her to take the time to do that! While I was shopping I found a headband ( they have tons if adorable ones!) and it was too big... While I was looking around she resized it for me! So awesome! I want to start cloth diapering just so I can shop there more!

Lauren T.
3/21/2016 Yelp!

I love everything about this store! They have the cutest things, and a very informative and helpful staff. Nicole has been photographing my daughter since her January birth. She is amazing, she is patient in working with newborns and will take whatever time is needed to get the perfect shot! I'm so in love with how she has captured my lil Saylor! Pictures I will forever cherish.

Stephanie L.
9/18/2016 Yelp!

Nicole and the store/photography studio is the best!  I have been coming to the store and photo studio for 5 years now. Nicole is beyond accommodating and amazing at photographing young children. She is patient and always captures the best photos!!  I have used her for Halloween pictures, holiday pictures, kids birthday photos, etc. I have always been VERY satisfied with everything and LOVE my photos beyond words. I highly recommend using her for any special occasion.  Her customer service is incredible and she is very quick at turning around the photos.  
P.S.  Her store has such unique finds and is great for gifts!!

Kristi O.
December 2, 2015 ·
I came in to the store to buy essential oils last week in a panicked frenzy because of inadequate medical care prescribed to my asthmatic toddler and Nicole was an angel! Not only did she listen to me fiercely rant, perhaps somewhat inappropriately in a public setting, (I slipped a few F bombs into our convo), she gave me recommendations on products, doctors and even shared her own experiences in dealing with incompetent doctors. Her genuineness was unexpected and greatly appreciated. AND she graciously gifted me a chest rub to use on my daughter! Her kindness is touching and her store and staff reflect the tremendous heart she possesses. Shop here for your baby's needs to support the personal touch that only small businesses owned by gems like Nicole can offer to our community! Thank you for everything!
Sherri R.
2/3/2017 Yelp!

I came across Nicole Lagesse through Yelp and reached out to her after reading her reviews. She immediately responded back and answered my questions right away. If you want a professional who shoots great newborn photos, provides quick turnaround time, and is patience with newborns, go to Nicole for your newborn photos! My husband and I had such great experience with her that we would do it again.

Few things about working with this great photographer:

Great selection of photo packages: Her website offered several photo packages; I went for the newborn package, which included the sitting session, 5 images on DVD or digital, unlimited photo poses or time. Linens and props are included but you can also bring your own. I had a few poses in mind and she was fine with going through some of my photo ideas. Your newborn has baby acne? No problem, she does light retouching to the photos so it looks clear and natural.  

Amazing photoshoot experience: The studio sits in the back of her store - The Luxe Baby - and has a nice array of props, backdrops, and setups. When my husband and I got there, she had already set up a warm and comfortable photo area, even including a heater for our baby.

Stressed about having a crying baby do a photoshoot? No worries, Nicole was SO patience with our baby the entire time and reassured us that she goes through this with her mom/dad/newborn clients. Our daughter decided to be fussy for almost the entire afternoon. It took 4 hours to get the photos we wanted!

Most new parents would find newborn photoshoots stressful and exhausting, but Nicole was understanding and let us know babies run the session. She is also a mom and naturally handled our baby well - shushing, swaying, talking softly, putting essential oils, playing white noise music, etc. She did not mind that I nursed my daughter a few times and changed her diapers at least twice throughout the shoot.

Beautiful results and quick delivery of photos: Nicole was so quick that she sent us photos that same time night. The photos were AMAZING and we loved all of the newborn photos. She captured the beautiful poses and moments of our daughter - from her eyelashes to her toes. We selected our photos the next day and Nicole worked on retouching some of the photos. She mailed out the DVD copy within a few days and delivered the digital images the following day. Talk about quick turnaround time!

Thanks, Nicole!

Roxanna V.